The Mel B Post-Pregnancy Diet

January 3, 2012

Just three months after Melanie Brown had her daughter, Madison, the singer is back down to her pre-pregancy weight. Mel B admitted that she wasn't careful about her diet while she was pregnant, but with the help of Jenny Craig, she has managed to get herself back in shape. 

"I really allowed myself the chance to pig out during this pregnancy, so I've got a bit of weight to lose. I was eating morning, noon and night, I was a house," Brown admitted. 

The former Spice Girl credits her new Jenny Craig diet program of portion control and calorie counting for her successful weight loss. 

"The wonderful thing about this eating plan is it is all portion controlled and calorie counted, so I don't have to think. I have to eat regularly, every two to three hours. Even though I'm tired I'm coping really well, if I keep eating well and combine it with cardio workouts three times a week, then it's a done deal."

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