5 Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

November 5, 2011

Holiday entertaining can seem overwhelming -- with as many as 5 dishes plus dessert, menu planning and execution is never more of a challenge! To make things easier, here are 5 of my favorite holiday baking ideas -- from gratitude dinner rolls to mini pies and sweet acorns, there's nothing better than a simple, single-serving dessert to make holiday entertaining a breeze!

Doughnut Hole Acorns
Doughnut holes + nutella or frosting + sprinkles = quick and easy edible acorns!

Mini Tarts in Mason Jar Lids
Use peach, cherry, apple or cranberry filling to make festive mini-tarts.

Gratitude Rolls
Instead of going around the table and saying what you're thankful for, have your family write them down or print them out and bake them right into your dinner rolls!

Double Crust Mini Pies
Whether you use cherry, cranberry or apple for these delightful little pies, you can create mini lattice pies in minutes!

Mini Pies
Using just one layer of pie crust, this is the easiest way to settle the pumpkin versus pecan pie debate -- do half and half!

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Libby's picture

Thanks for posting this list. The Double Crust Mini Pies is something I just must try.