Return of the McRib and DIY McRib Recipe

October 23, 2011

The McDonald's McRib sandwich, an American cult-classic, first hit menus in 1981. After apparently mediocre national sales, the McRib was pulled from the permanent menu, but continues to appear as a Limited Time Offering, accompanied by media-driven hysteria and several "Farewell Tours". But good news - the McRibe is back! Available nationwide tomorrow (October 24th, 2011), you can grab a 'cue coated sandwich and join in the Quest for the Golden McRib. In the meantime, and when the McRib is inevitably pulled from the menu once again, here is a super snazzy video showing how to create this cult classic at home, from the kitchen ninja himself, Todd Wilbur of Top Secret Recipes!

What is a McRib anyway? According to McDonald's: "Magnificently mouth-watering boneless ribs smothered in sweetly scrumptious barbecue sauce. Tantalizingly tart pickles paired with sensationally savory onions. All brought together on a terrifically toasted bun to create the ambassador of awesome that is the McRib."

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