Right 2 Know GMO Labeling March

October 1, 2011

At the Occupy Wall Street general assembly, an organizer of the Right 2 Know GMO march spoke about their plan to walk from Brooklyn, NY to the Washington, DC. Their demand is for the labeling of all genetically modified foods in this country.

"The GM Right March is the first of it’s kind in America, and will have daily events between its kickoff in New York City and its finale at the White House, in Washington, DC. Come for the knowledgeable speakers, fun presentations, camping, and much, much more!  Now is your chance to make your voice heard.  We will win back our Right to Know what’s in our food – one step at a time!"

The marchers can either camp, stay at a hotel, or hook up with generous local housing sponsors. Meals will be available, and they will be cruising by local markets and health food stores along the way.

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Watch live streaming video from right2knowmarch at livestream.com

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