Eating Just Burritos for 2 Weeks

September 12, 2011

A simple question on the question and answer site Quora has prompted an unusual challenge: eating just burritos for two weeks and documenting the results. Last week, a user asked "what would happen if you ate just burritos? hypothetically." Another user, Yishan Wong, took the question to heart and posed a challenge to people via Facebook and Twitter. 

Several of his friends have agreed to the challenge and will now only eat burritos for 14 days. Assuming they make it, Wong will pay for everything and pay for dinner at a restaurant of their choice. If they make it seven days, he will buy them lunch at a location of his choice. 

There are already some bloggers posting about the challenge. One blogger, called "Burrito Eater," has already consumed four burritos and appears to be going strong. Another group of people have not started their quest yet, but have set up a site called "Burrito NAO."

What do you think of this challenge? 

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I think it's a great challenge, an inspiration to people the world over. Everyone should steel themselves and try it, to prepare themselves for the apocalyptic future where the only food available may be burritos.

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