Canadian McDonald's Restaurants to Put $1 Billion in Renovations

September 7, 2011

Canadian McDonald's restaurants are getting renovations to give the fast-food joint a cozier atmosphere.

McDonald's say they will renovate 1,400 restaurants by next year and will be getting rid of all the plastic and replacing it with fireplaces, leather seats and plasma televisions.

"People tend to linger a little bit more in restaurants today. They want to enjoy their meals take a break from the busy lifestyle that they lead and we think our restaurants today are certainly doing that a lot better than in the past," McDonald's Canada CEO John Betts said.

In addition to a new interior, the exterior of McDonald's locations will be losing their signature red roof.



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Dawn's picture

The exterior planting is "over kill". To much with all the yellow flowers as there's enough yellow on the building itself. Also I can't believe people would be that interested in watching TV while eating a Big Mac & Fries. After all it's a fast food Resturant