10 Best Hurricane Irene Food Tweets

August 28, 2011

Now that Hurricane Irene has passed and most areas seem to have avoided a potential catastrophe, we can look back at some of the best tweets over the course of the past couple of days. In no particular order. 

1. @amNewYork: If you overstocked food in prep for , don't let it go to waste, donate it to the food bank!  (@FoodBank4NYC)

2. @AndrewFreiden: How long is the food safe in my fridge without power? 

3. @towsendhagen: And now to eat 500 sandwiches and drink the 7 gallons of bottled water in the fridge.  

4. @bobpowers1: Took the front door off the hinges. Moved all the food out of the fridge and into the tub. 

5. @YuliZ: okay I'm increasing my wine intake to category 2  

6. @RachaelMusic: I love how much wine  is drinking right now. Such classy hurricane preparedness 

7. @kerose22: I love how everyone's reaction to  is to cook. Our house: steak, raspberry pie. Pesto for the freezer to save for winter. 

8. @sarahfindingfit: Got to pick up fresh eggs at the   before   hit, thank goodness! Much needed post  food! 

9. @StacyCowley: Many New Yorkers now face an unprecedented crisis: An entire week's worth of groceries in their fridge 

10. @mylastsupper is coming,we are making a shopping list: chocolate, wine, bread, cheddar, wine, valium, cookies, wine, nothing that needs the fridge