4 Food Tributes to Pokemon

August 13, 2011

People just can't resist the cute characters of Pokemon. To pay tribute to the little anime characters, many fans are integrating them into their meals! Check out these 4 edible tributes to Pokemon.

The Pokemon Sandwich

The Pokemon Sandwich is an adorable meal full of cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and seaweed. It's almost too cute to eat!

Pokemon Food Tributes


Pokemon Bento Box

The Pokemon Bento Box is an adorable sushi creation, with a little rice Pikachu in the middle of an array of fruits and vegetables.

Pokemon Food Tributes

Pokemon Cupcakes

These Poke Ball cupcakes are delicious chocolate treats with white and red frosting.

Pokemon Food Tributes

Pokemon Truffles

These chocolate and fondant creations were made by Ana Fuji, AKA The Truffle Queen. The most amazing part of these sweet treats is the detailing on the fondant characters. Fuji is indeed a talented food artist. 

Pokemon Truffles

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