Get Your Just Zucchini Desserts

August 10, 2011

Zucchini is an abundant summer squash that seems to keep on giving and giving and giving....Summer is saying, enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Instead of stuffed, grilled, baked, curried, or fried; get creative and use the mighty zuke as a base for these delicious desserts.

Chocolate Cake with Frosting
Who knew that a moist and creamy chocolate cake could be so healthy?

Almond Mini Muffins
These delicious grain muffins make an scrumptious snack or brunch dish.

Raw Coconut Cream Pie
Ultra healthy and simple this is a decadent dessert to be devoured

Chocolate Chip Muffins
Add some walnuts and pumpkin seeds to these yummy coconut flour muffins.


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Jaclyn Fishman's picture

love these! i have to say though, i'm pretty partial to my chocolate chip zucchini brownies! they've got no butter or oil in them, so they're actually healthier than you'd think!

you can check them out here: