McDonald's Director of Culinary Innovation Dishes on Obesity and the Future of Fast Food

July 24, 2011

Maria Sonnenberg of Florida Today recently interviewed chef Dan Coudreaut, the director of culinary innovation for McDonald's USA, about the future of fast food, projected menu items at McDonald's and obesity. Among the juicy tidbits Coudreaut shares with Sonnenberg is that the Golden Arches' biggest sellers are the double cheeseburger and fries. He also indicates that in the near future, McDonald's is going to offer "more choices" on the menu.

When asked for his response to the allegation that fast food chains promote obesity, Coudreaut said, "Our menu is not unhealthy. What is unhealthy is lacking moderation in our diets. I have two young children and as a father, I'm the one making the food choices for them."

Read more of the interview with Coudreaut at Florida Today. Do you agree with his spin on the McDonald's menu?

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CatM's picture

I think it's a joke that he's in serious chef togs and insists on the "chef" title as if he has anything to do with creating real food.