UK McDonald's Keeps Kids Away With High-Pitched Mosquito Device

July 21, 2011

A McDonald's restaurant in Kent, England has a clever yet controversial way of preventing youngsters to loiter on its premises -- by using the Mosquito. The device emits a high-pitched noise that's typically only heard by individuals under 25; the noise is meant to annoy youth and deter them from hanging out around the area.

A representative for the Kent McDonald's said that the Mosquito device was installed per customer request; following criticism of the chain's use of the device, McDonald's issued a statement that said, "The device is operated by the restaurant management only as a last resort if groups fail to move on after being asked to do so by the duty manager. The device is fitted with a timer to switch off automatically after a set period of time."

Despite its good intentions, McDonald's is under fire for its use of the Mosquito device. Critics say that the device discriminates against youth, as it assumes that they're congregating solely to cause trouble. Do you think the McDonald's in Kent is right to use the Mosquito device?

For those who are unfamiliar with the Mosquito device, check out this 2008 UK news report:

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