Sweet Onion Pie

July 19, 2011

When eating the foods that are in season, the reality is that sometimes  you feel overwhelmed with coming up with yet another way to serve the same food.

This is how it goes on our farm. Although we are grateful, not everyone loves all the things we grow equally. They still have to eat them, however. I don't give many free passes at the dinner table. To be honest, we do not serve a table full of foods that no one will eat either. A good cook has to be inventive. 

Take onions for example; people either love them or hate them, but in my opinion almost any savory food can be improved by adding some onion. Not everyone agrees with me, until they taste this fantastic onion pie. I love it because it also contains caraway seeds. Bacon is optional, but of course it improves the whole thing. 

Sweet Onion Pie

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