Veggie Vending Machines for Healthy Kids

July 14, 2011

It is a very good idea to begin leading a healthy lifestyle by restructuring food habits first. In order to combat the increasing rate of obesity in the United States, not only in children but also in adults, some food companies, including Vend Natural, have been restructuring the way snacks are enjoyed by people of all ages. Vend Natural is one of the leading snack companies in the US, now with 420 vending machines all throughout 22 United States and in the District of Columbia.

Snacks available in these machines give consumers healthier options such as dried apple slices and chips, popcorn, assorted vegetable chips, granola bars, and fresh-cut fruits. Soy milk, organic juices, vitamin-, carbonated-, and naturally-flavored water are also available, hoping to replace soda pop drinks. Instead of artificially flavored candies, fruit and vegetable sticks and slices with dips are being offered as healthier alternatives.

Other 'go natural' snack food companies include Fresh Healthy Vending and h.u.m.a.n. Healthy Vending. These companies have now started to extend their campaign for healthier snacking to schools, hospitals, office buildings, movie theaters, and health clubs. With this, the government and the private sector are now working hand-in-hand to fully achieve the goals of these programs. According to an article posted in entitled “Vending machines selling fruit and vegetables take off in US,” 42 states in the U.S. have already passed laws which ban high-sodium and high-calorie foods in schools. Fried foods and sweets have already been prohibited in Mexican schools.

Consumer response to these various programs has been positive. Student athletes have already seen and felt the benefits of eating these better snack options as these give them more energy to sustain their academic and extra-curricular activities. Soon, every child throughout the U.S., and hopefully the rest of the world, will be able to make the better choice on what they munch in between meals.

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Shannon McCarty's picture

Brilliant idea, how can I help lobby for changes in my state of NJ? Moreover info on implementing it in my schools asap