Thrifty Thursday - Grilled Leftovers Made Beautiful Again

July 14, 2011

Leftovers. The word alone can clear out my family from the table faster than anything else - except the word chores. Because much of my cooking involves the repurposing of food , I make sure to cook extra with the intent of using it again in another meal. This cuts out the leftover factor, and just makes me seem more organized. 

Cooking on the grill is a great way to make food ahead(call it leftovers if  you must), with the benefit of that added grill flavor for future dishes. Here are some ideas for making the most of the *extra* grilled food you end up with. 

Vegetables - Grill extra vegetables, and add them to pasta. Toss together with a little fresh vinagrette, and you have a light dinner in minutes.

Meat - Do you ever end up with leftover, err extra meat from the grill? Slice it super thin, and use it to stuff tortillas for dinner the following night. Not quite enough to go around? Chop meat into small pieces and mix with cooked rice as a filling, instead. 

Fruit - Grilling extra fruit is perfect to have on hand. It makes a great topping for yogurt in the morning, or simply served as a side dish for lunch. 

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