Proposed "McPath" in UK Links a School to Local McDonald's

July 7, 2011

A half-mile-long proposed pedestrian path in the U.K. has been dubbed the "McPath," as it links the Brynteg School in Bridgend, south Wales to a local McDonald's. Proponents note that the £100,000 path would make walking safer for students, who must currently walk on the grass alongside a busy road. "The path would also lead to a residential area and the retail park," a representative for the Bridgend borough council told the Guardian.

Detractors worry that the McPath might entice students to eat at McDonald's before or after school. "If [students are] eating at McDonald's every day, they risk obesity and heart disease, as well as feeling sluggish, not being able to focus on schoolwork and not being able to get through the day," said Melissa Little of the British Dietetic Association. Little believes that students should stay at school during lunch periods to eat balanced meals rather than heading off campus.

Do you think that the McPath should receive the go-ahead for construction?

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