World Food Production Needs to Increase by 2050

July 5, 2011

The United Nations released its annual World Economic and Social Survey on Tuesday, and according to that report, the world is expected to reach a population of nine billion by 2050. An increase in world food production has to be implemented as soon as possible to meet the needs of the growing population. According to the UN, there is a great need to focus on greener methods to sustain the projected number of people in the future.

The survey said that an $2 trillion is needed each year to fund small-scale farming in all food producing countries and environmental programs to maintain a cleaner surrounding for the future generation. The 2007-2008 food crisis and this year’s elevated food prices are reflections of the “deep structural problems in the global food system.” These problems have affected the environment because of the increased amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere that leads to global warming and pollution.

Another problem that the UN survey cited is the continuous increase in the number of undernourished people. About 925 million people are not receiving proper nourishment, and most of them are from the countries of Bangladesh, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia and Pakistan.

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