Tumblr Tuesday: 5 Vegan Food Tumblr Blogs

July 5, 2011

You might think that Tumblr is a meme-centric microblogging service for angsty teens and hipsters, but this week's Tumblr Tuesday takes a different tack altogether. These cook-along vegan food Tumblr blogs each focus on different facets of veganism with delicious recipes for every meal and occasion imaginable.

1. Hipster Food: Many meat-eaters perceive vegans as hipsters and veganism as the latest culinary trend, a notion that Hipster Food rallies against. The cook-along blog promotes sustainable eating, whole foods and local eating, offering delicious vegan versions of omnivorous dishes, such as the barbecue tofu, corn and wilted kale and rainbow chard below.

vegan food

2. DAVEGAN: DAVEGAN is the online home of Dave, a Kansas-based vegan who posts sumptuous recipes from all over the world, like this one for the chickpea bruschetta below:

vegan food

3. Yummy Vegan:Yummy Vegan is a vegan food Tumblr blog that focuses on recipes that are also Jain. As Jains observe a completely cruelty-free vegetarian diet, most do not eat root vegetables, which are killed when they're harvested for consumption. Thankfully, these chocolate baked donuts made the cut:

vegan food tumblr

4. Vegan on the Cheap: Vegan on the Cheap is maintained by Ben, who studies English Literature at the U.K.'s Southampton University. His recipes zero in on budget-friendly, easy-to-make dishes suitable for new and veteran vegans alike, such as this tofu weiner and Cheezly pizza:

vegan food tumblr blogs

5. Closet Vegan: Closet Vegan is run by James Morgan, a London dance student who's been vegan since 2010. He blogs and reblogs vegan recipes that run the culinary gamut, from lemon and coriander quinoa to peanut butter cookies.

vegan food tumblr blogs

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