How To Preserve Fruit In Alcohol

June 21, 2011

With local markets and grocery stores starting to burst with fresh produce, now is the time to think about preserving some of these seasonal goodies before it's too late. Preserving fruit in alcohol is the perfect introduction to canning as it does not require water baths or concern over acidity levels. All you need is a clean jar, fresh fruit, sugar, and alcohol. The principle is simple: Put fruit in jar with sugar. Fill with booze. Store in a cool, dark place. Wait. The active time is only five minutes, and in a month or two you'll have a sweet grown-up treat.

And feel free to play! Cherries and brandy is a classic pairing, while peaches and pomegranates love gin. The mounds of strawberries that are available now might like vodka, but the combinations are only as limited as your imagination. These summer jars will make lovely gifts for the winter holidays, as well as easy additions to desserts. 

Fast Brandied Fruit

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