Shake it Up: Jell-O Shots Get A Makeover

June 1, 2011

When you hear the term "Jell-O shot", what comes to mind? Maybe college parties, sickeningly sweet alcoholic concoctions that more closely resemble cough syrup than a cocktail, all served up in paper Dixie cups? No more! There's nothing wrong with using unflavored gelatin (or vegan substitutes like agar agar) to create semi-solid, slurp-able versions of classic cocktails.

Cosmo Jell-O Shot J

ell-O shots just got glamorous with The Jelly Shot Test Kitchen's sexy Pear-Cosmo Jewels, beautifully presented in a martini glass.

Pear Cosmopolitan Jelly Jewels
The classic Cosmo gets a makeover! Perfect for a Girl's Night In with this swanky ice cube tray.

Blueberry Martini Gels

Made in an icecube tray, these are super easy and the suspended blueberries are a seasonal specialty.

Cucumber Lime Margarita Gels
Quick, easy and pretty darn attractive, these shots are made in a baking dish and cut into bars -- just don't let these sweets make their way to the dessert table!

Mojito Jelly Shot

Garnished with mint leaves, these bar-shaped shots are ready for slurping.

Sparkling Champagne and Strawberry Jell-O Mold
Effervescent, sweet and a gorgeous presentation for a bright summer brunch.

White Wine Sangria Jellies
Packed with fresh fruit, the perfect boozy summer beverages gets even better.

Blackberry Bramble Shots

With the flavors of summer, straight from the Los Angeles Times.

French 75 Gels

With gin and champagne, the French 75 is a favorite summer cocktail - now in semi-solid form and daringly delicious.

Espresso Martini Shots

Made with espresso, vanilla vodka, Kahlua and Bailey's, these are a fun way to rethink after-dinner coffee.

Pineapple Brandy Fix

Who knew brandy could be so cool? Highlighted with pineapple and fresh lime, these are one sophisticated jelly.

Whiskey Sour Jelly Shot

A classic drink gets a make over, these shots are imminently slurp-able.

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