5 Amazing Cinnamon Roll Recipes

May 17, 2011

Growing up, it wasn't Christmas until my grandmother arrived with a pile of sticky, cinnamon rolls. All of our toys were christened with frosting and cinnamon, as we ate those fluffy, delectable treats. Now, I make cinnamon rolls as a special treat anytime, but it always makes it seem like a holiday. What makes a cinnamon roll decadent, is the lighter-than-air dough, and the rich cinnamon/sugar mixture inside. Then the frosting (mine is cream cheese based) finishes off the treat, and makes it seem almost too rich. Almost.

Here are 5 cinnamon roll recipes that will make your morning taste magical: 

Iced Cinnamon Buns

These are a sturdy version of the cinnamon roll. Delicious, and even better when warm, this is the roll you unwind as you eat it, over a cup of coffee with a friend. 

Raisin Cinnamon Rolls

If you like the delicate, pull apart variety of cinnamon roll, these are the ones!

Cinnamon Twists

For a nice change, why not put your rolls in a twist? 

Cinnamon Buns With Maple Glaze

Drenched in maple flavor, these are a crowd pleaser. The dough is made in a bread maker, so it's as easy as pushing a button. 

Cinnabon Style Rolls

Here are the light as air, sweet rolls that are synonymous with Cinnabon. Delicious. this recipe makes 20! Enough to put a crown into a sugar coma. 



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