Bizarre 1950s Appliance

April 29, 2011

Check out this advertisement from several decades ago. On top, there are three gas burners and a sink on top to wash dishes. Below their is a refrigerator and a drawer for storing pots and pans. The entire appliance is about 5 square feet. Perfect for a small apartment? It looks like the product comes from General Electric.

Would you buy something like this?

Photo by valaamov_osel



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GE Profile : PP989DNBB thirty electrical Cooktop, Downdraft, Smoothtop - BlackGE consumer and Industrial spans the planet as an trade leader in major appliance lighting and integrated industrial equipment systems and services they provide solutions for industrial industrial and residential use in extra than 100 countries Accomodates various-size pots or pans and 3,000 watts of power hispeeds the boiling methodology.A swish cooktop surface makes cleaning quick and simple.Provide powerful heat beneath a graceful glass surface to create positive even heat and fast warm up times.Powerful exhaust all system effectively pulls smoke and steam out of the kitchen.Combines three cooktop parts into one large cooking house, ideal for outsized cooking pans.

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