Panda Express Seeks Treasure in China

April 13, 2011

Though it may seem odd, America's largest chain of Chinese restaurants Panda Express is looking into expanding to China. This, according to a recent interview with the company chairman Andrew Cherng in Forbes Magazine. Though most cuisines change to accommodate local tastes as they move from country to country, it is generally accepted that "Chinese Food" in America is very different from the fare actually served in China.

With over 1,400 restaurants serving up soggy steam table Kung Pao Chicken and Broccoli Beef here in America, why would Panda Express expect to do well in the mother country? It likely has less to do with authenticity and more to do with the appeal of restaurants that offer consistency and cleanliness in the World's most populous country. Kentucky Fried Chicken has about 3,000 restaurants there and recently announced that China is their most profitable market.

Or, maybe folks there are looking for something different from the Outrageously Strange Foods already available!

Image: Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.