The Quarante Quatre

March 10, 2008

While salivating over the latest issue of Saveur (March 2008) I found a recipe for infused rum. In the article the author describes a popular cordial in Madagascar known as The 44. The instructions for creating this rum-infused concoction are advanced so pay careful attention (wink):

The 44 Cordial

Take a Navel orange and deeply pierce it with a paring knife 44 times.
Stuff 44 coffee beans into the slits.
Place the orange in a large widemouthed jar (that has a tight seal) and add one liter of white rum.
Add 44 teaspoons of sugar, seal and store in a cool dark place for - you got it - 44 days.

I think we can handle that!

I'm going to make the French version, called a Quarante-Quatre, which calls for 44 whole cloves instead of coffee beans. I have enough energy already.

I think a rum tasting party in 44 days is in order, don't you? My new Polynesian shot glasses are ready.

I'll keep you all posted...



Vivienne's picture

I made this using half vodka and half vanilla vodka instead of the rum and 44 sugar cubes ... it is fantastic !!!!

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kathy's picture

I've made Quarante-Quatre a few years ago with the coffee beans and I think we also put cloves into the mixture, Everyday you turn the mixture up side down 1 time a day help with the mixing.. Amazing when it was finished.